In 2009 the founder of the “AMBER” company ŠARŪNAS DAVAINIS introduced an international application on the invention to ISA – International Searching Authority in Geneva on two inventions in the field on mineral therapy (litotherapy):

  • an amber massage table for mineral therapy with implementation of  infrared rays;  
  • an amber- and jade-based infra-sauna for mineral therapy. 

In 2010 International Searching Authority (ISA) at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva authorized both the degree of novelty on all issues of the present inventions and the possibility to industrially produce them (#PCT/LT 2009/000006; # PCT/LT 2009/000008). In 2010 Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania issued patents #5641 and #5650 on the above mentioned inventions.

 The concept of the invention, based upon the innovative technology of interaction of infrared rays with amber or/and other minerals, was dedicated to the field of mineral therapy.

Infrared rays, when passing through the layer of amber or any other mineral, are transformed into a secondary source of radiation of light and heat, and start carrying negative (useful) ions. While heating, amber releases amber acid which acts antiseptically and other micro elements which produce a positive impact on a human’s organism, stimulate the activities of cells, normalize the functioning of hormones by enriching them with “amber” oxygen, and improve the metabolism in organs and tissues.

The above inventions have already been implemented and successfully function in the “CENTER OF AMBER MINERAL THERAPY”in Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania.

Having visited our CENTER you will have the possibility to experience and evaluate the advantages of our invention as well as to assure yourself of the helpful and valuable effect they make.