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Amber plates Nr.1

Model: Amber plates Nr. 1
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Amber plates №1


The plates of the first type are produced from the natural, formed 50 million years ago, Baltic Sea amber with soil, algae and plant inclusions. Such amber plates are interconnected by a special ecological connection layer with a thermic glass packages that are resistant to both great weight and strokes.



The present plates may be implemented in both saunas and steam baths of various types as well as in the production of the surfaces for massage tables.



Amber, as a bio stimulator, produces pleasant yellowish light, lovely aroma of amber acid and is a source of negative ions. Moreover, amber is a perfect antitoxin famous for stress diminishing and inflammation healing properties.


Thickness of the plate: 1,8  to 2,0  cm;

Price: 1,00€/ cm2