AMBER SPA “Amber Relax Luxus”


We are presenting you an innovative healing method of mineral therapy “AMBER RELAX LUXUS”* based on the interaction of infrared rays with amber, jade and other minerals.

The equipment to this innovative method is original with no analogues in the world.

Massage tables of infrared ray therapy* and infrared ray-based sauna of amber jade or other minerals* are the main patentedinnovations. Working surface of the above tables, benches and walls of the sauna are made of amber or jade mosaic penetrated by infrared rays. Infrared rays when penetrating through amber or any other mineral produce secondary radiation of light and heat, thus emitting negative (useful) ions.

While heating, amber spreads pleasant aroma and produces vapor of amber acid. This positively affects a human’s body, stimulates it on a cellular level and, while enriching the body with amber acid, regulates hormonal activity, improves both metabolism and immunity of the body. Amber is a real cure for headaches, heart and joint problems.

Healing features of jade become even stronger when affected by infrared rays. When heated, jade produces silicon acid, famous for its painkilling features and detoxicational capabilities. Before massage procedures infrared ray-based amber sauna is recommended. Exceptional healing effect is the feature of this sauna.Massage according to “AMBER RELAX LUXUS” method is performed on special tables of therapy and includes several types of it with application of the natural Baltic amber and its fractions.

You are welcome to our AMBER AND MINERAL THERAPY CENTER in VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, the exclusive patent-holder, where you will have the best opportunities to get aware of this innovation.

Exceptional eco-friendly materials were used in the interior of our centre. Decorative elements in the interior, massage equipment and tools, illuminators, mosaic are also made of the amber of the Baltic Sea. This exclusive innovation referred to the VIP category is dedicated for individual clients, massage centers, hotels, and SPA.

You are welcome to address us in case of purchasing the above equipment.

We hope that our innovation will be of great help when solving health problems and improving your inner harmony.

With best wishes.

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