From the ancient times people have been deeply interested in a wonderful Sun-like stone. Amber was considered as an effective means against evil spirits and used not only for decoration but also as a remedy. The nature of amber is organic; it was formed of hardened conifer raisin millions of years ago. Amber is reasonably considered as the first healing means in the history of humankind and used to be announced as the universal remedy for all diseases.

Today the field of application of amber-based medication is remarkably wide and covers such cases as stimulation of a nerve system, improvement of functioning of thyroid, kidneys, and intestine. It is also an effective remedy in cases of nervous tension and it is widely used as antiphlogistic and antitoxic cure. Black amber deserves exclusive attention due to the increased amount of iodine in it; thus, this kind of amber is applied for treatment of radiation sickness. Acting on a molecular level, black amber cleanses human cells from toxins and carcinogens, what is of extreme importance in our ‘atomic age’.

It is recognized, that all bodies interact energetically with the environment they are in. Light, heat, and other kinds of radiation are accepted, processed and returned back.

It is scientifically proved, that nuclei of human cells send electrical light pulses, with the help of which, cells interact with one another (communicate) and this is the way of the coordination and circulation on the cellular level in a human body and its organs.

The concept of our invention is based on the advanced technology of interaction of infrared rays with amber or other minerals. Hence, a new healing approach – bio active mineral therapy has emerged.

It is proved, that infrared rays, while passing through an amber or mineral layer, transform into secondary radiation of light and heat as well as carry negative (useful) ions within themselves. While heating, amber educes amber acid and micro elements which make a positive impact on a human’s organism due to their antiseptic and healing properties. They also stimulate the functioning of cells, regulate the activity of hormones, and improve metabolism. A special impact on a human’s body is produced when it is exposed to infrared rays passing through the Baltic amber with inclusions of aquatic plans the age of which dates millions of years back. An infrared sauna with minerals is a perfect prelude to further healing procedures and massage with application of natural-amber-based oil and cosmetic creams. Approximately from 300 to 500 calories are burned during a 30 minute procedure at such an infrared sauna.

An original multilayer amber or mineral disk may be implemented in saunas of various types or even in steam bathhouses.

Aiming to practically realize our ideas, we created special amber- and jade-based massage tables for mineral therapy with the implementation of infrared rays as well as the amber- and jade-equipped infra sauna.

“AMBER RELAX LUXUS”, the experimental exclusive wellness parlor in Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania, was founded and equipped in line with the data of the invention in 2010. Ecological materials only were used in the interior of the parlor, while ornamental details were made of amber and other mineral materials.

Today, in this speedy age of advanced technologies, we all intend to return back to the experience of our ancestors when trying to better understand ourselves as a part of the world’s harmony. We hope we are a great success in combining the above technologies together with a trustworthy renewed approach of wellness based on healing properties of amber.

The scale of implementation of the present invention is wide enough: parlors of wellness, hotels, VIP apartments, yachts, houses and cottages as well as various kinds of wellness and SPA industry.

If you are attracted by the novelty and fell like ready to implement it, we look forward to cooperation with you in any acceptable form – starting with a joint venture, designing, marketing up to selling the patents. We are also in search of partners aiming to industrially realize the above mentioned inventions made by our company.

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