Amber is a mineral of health, happiness and the Sun. It was formed of hardened conifer raisin consisting of molecular compounds of organic acids. The age of amber varies from 30 until 200 million years. Amber is extracted or mined in many countries of the world but the greatest deposits – approximately up to 90% – of it are located in the region of the Baltic Sea. The amber of this region is aged up to 50 million years. We use this particular sort of amber in the realization of our inventions. The color of amber is yellow with various shades of white, black and even other colors. The composition of this multicoloured gem includes more than 40 chemical compounds and acids.

Amber has been familiar to humankind since ancient times. From the coasts of the Baltic Sea this ‘North gold’ reached Eastern countries, the Roman Empire as well as distant India, Japan and China. According to written sources of the ancient times, amber used to be particularly valuated. It was considered as a strong protector against evil spirits and used not only for decorative purposes but also as a means of healing. Information on application of amber in medicine is met in treatises of Pliny the Elder, Claudius Helena and Avicenna, the famous Arabian philosopher and medical man.

In modern medicine amber and amber-based medication are becoming more and more popular in the branch called litotherapy. Amber acid is still considered as the strongest healing element of amber. Being an active bio stimulator, amber acid remains irreplaceable partaker in the chain of metabolism on the cellular level of a human’s body. Due to the lack of it, the organism starts suffering from immunodeficiency. The primary signs of destructive functioning of organs emerge, thus triggering various cases of illnesses.

Currently, heart vascular, respiratory, articular, internal, gynaecological, and oncological diseases, asthma, diabetes as well as nervous complaints are treated with the help of amber acid. It is proved that amber acid, acting on cellular level, prevents development of cancer, and purifies an organism from toxins and carcinogens.

In this context, black amber deserves especial attention due to the increased amount of iodine that is very important in treating thyroid diseases and radiation sickness.

Being excellent, absolutely safe and natural antioxidant, amber acid produces a rejuvenational effect, thus prolonging the active life of a person.

In our century of science and high technologies the human civilization rediscovered healing properties of amber and  benefits from new ways of its implementation.


JadeiteJade is a mineral which, due to its structural properties, is especially suitable for bathhouses and saunas. The shade of it may vary from yellowish green to emerald green. Jade used to be a cultish precious stone valuated much more than other minerals in Ancient China, Mexico, and Central America. It is a very hard and dense mineral that can be processed only with the help of diamond. Currently, jade is mined in Russia, Burma, China, USA and Mexico. In our inventions we implement the jade, mined in Russia, on the mountain chain of the West Sayan at the hight of 2000 meters.

In line with the latest investigations in litotherapy, jade, when exposed to infrared rays, educes silicic and meta silicone acids that produce a significant impact on wellness of the body. This secondary heat release demonstrates energetically positive effect when applied to a human’s organism. It:

  • discharges negative ions that improve metabolism;
  • strengthens nervous system;
  • regulates arterial pressure;
  • heals kidney and urinary diseases;
  • strengthens potency;
  • reduces spinal and lumbar pain.