Due to the effect of heat, caused by infrared rays, the amber (or any other mineral) starts spreading pleasant yellowish light and redolence, and discharging negative ions. This, secondary, thermal and light radiance, having got in touch with a human’s body, penetrates very deeply, thus activating water molecules what results in acceleration of metabolism and improved provision of oxygen. Because of the deep penetration of rays, sweating is much greater than that in conventional saunas. Together with the sweat, more toxic materials and molecules of fat, accumulated in a human’s body, are excreted out of its system.

Pleasant feelings and effects of relax and bio stimulation are caused by the harmony between temperatures of a human body and the warmth, produced by rays. The increased concentration of negative ions (the healthy ones) compensates the lack of amber acid in an organism, enriches it with the so called ‘amber oxygen’ what results in the increased tonicity of a human’s system. The layer of fine-cut amber on the floor functions as a means of feet massage and produces the effect of bio stimulation.

Here, a significant innovation is the following: IR rays, having an effect on amber which is rich in algae, soil and other organic additives, are transformed into the secondary thermal energy, possessing negative ions (the healthy ones) and other features as it has already been mentioned above, the whole of which produces a positive effect on a human’s organism, strengthens the immunity, nervous, and other systems of an organism. This sauna may be applied for therapy in such cases of disorders as those of circulatory system, podagra, joints, functions of spinal column, cellulites, etc. During one procedure, the duration of which is 30 min., a human body burns 300 to 500 calories. This is a nice curtain-raiser for further procedures of wellness – massage.