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Amber Water


120 gr. Small amber fraction  –  10,00-12.00 €.

100 gr. Medium amber  fraction –  23 -35,00 €.

100 gr. Large-scale amber fraction –  50,00 €.

Amber has long been known and used not only for its decorative beauty but also for its healing features. It was the first natural medicine in the history of mankind. Today, amber is widely implemented in treatment of various diseases of internal organs, skin and joint problems, ear inflammation, sore throat, etc.

AMBER is a  perfect antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic features.

 “Amber water” or “AQUAMBER” perfectly restores wellness and supports harmonic functioning of human’s organism. It acts as a charger to human’s energy, actively revitalizes and regenerates skin cells, softens the impact of stress, cleans the body, and is an ideal antiseptic. Amber charges water with amber ions , thus changing the structure of it. Moreover, this ‘water of wonder’ stops ageing due to its active participation in metabolic processes.

– intensifies the immunity system;

softens the impact of stress;       

– rejuvenates skin cells;            

– ideal antiseptic;                 

– actively revitalizes;


Usage of amber is not time-limited.

We strongly believe that “AQUAMBER” will help you stay healthy and young.

N.B.  Before using for the first time, please, put amber pieces into salty water and keep for 30 min.