Musical instruments

The idea to create musical instruments came to Šarūnas Davainis – a jeweler from Lithuania. Initially, several decorative models were created and afterwards the jeweler decided to make the real amber musical instruments. The first instrument made was the violin. In 2013, after a few years of the research of creative and technical opportunities in production, the EU patent and certificate from OHIM was received. This patent claims the innovativeness and uniqueness of this instrument (No.002273375-0001). The recognized innovation in creation of string musical instruments was born by using the mysterious natural mineral amber in a production process. Amber stands out by its decorativeness and color range.

The sum of all these achievements led to the creation of different musical instruments made from amber – two violins, viola, cello, guitar, Russian balalaika and two horns. There is a wide range of instruments in future production plans.
All instruments are electric, made using only the parts of the highest class.

Baltic amber- is an organic mineral and is the main material which is used to produce these unique instruments. There is a complex craftsmanship in choosing amber pieces of the right color range and shape for manufacturing the instruments.

These instruments are made under the license by the UAB “Amber” jewelry masters. All the instruments are produced with its registered AQ ( Amber Quartet) logo.