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Massage oil

Massage oil (MA-1)

Price: € 35,00

Precious argan and amber perfumed massage oil with an anti-oxidant action. It is indicated for the treatment of dry and dull skin, combines the properties of argan and grape seed oil, giving softness, tone and new radiance to the skin. Thanks to its emollient, moisturizing and firming power, it strongly defences the tissues against extremal stress, performs an anti-radical action against wrinkles and stretch marks. Its captivating scent, evokes the atmosphere of a medieval forest, a sweetness that is able to excite the senses.

Professional use.

How to use: Apply on face and body massaging until its complete absorption. It is also indicated as a hair and mails treatment.


Confection: 500 ml

Code: AMB2

Active Ingredients: Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil